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These free advanced-level German worksheets provide supplemental practice or exercises for advanced-level German students. All worksheets are in Windows Word format. They are intended as additional practice to complement a regular textbook or German course. They may contain some basic grammar information, but are not sufficient to learn new concepts. The answers to the exercises, if available, are found on a separate sheet with each file.

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Advanced-level German students may also benefit from many of our Audio Activities and Video Activities, as well as our Vocabulary Practice page. For independent learners, we recommend our Online Exercises since they are self-graded. If you are looking for activities and exercises related to a specific grammar topic or vocabulary unit, you might want to check out our Weekly Brick units and the Weekly Brick archive found on the same page. 

1. Subjunctive: giving hypothetical advice for a magazine’s advice column. Subjunctive:  strong verbs, actual forms and “würde” alternative. Subjunctive: subjunctive forms and “würde” alternative used by famous people in quotations. (subjunctive quotes answers). Past subjunctive: being paralyzed by the things that could have been.

Nice subjunctive example: It’s enough for me to know that I COULD if I WANTED to.


advanced-level German


2. Relative pronouns: adding relative pronouns and logic/comprehension exercise.

3. Wenn, wann oder als?

4. Vocabulary recall: recalling vocab for different categories.

5. German fairy tale: students write their own fairy tales by choosing various elements. Suggested length: 500-800 words.

6. Idioms with animals: idioms that involve german worksheets

7. Synonyms for “gehen”: study and practice alternatives for “gehen”.

8. Separable and inseparable verbs: Audio and worksheet about “Rapunzel”.

9. Hin oder her? A modified version of “Rapunzel” specifically for the use of “hin” or “her”.

10. Indirect speech:  worksheet for indirect speech.

11. Indirect speech in the past: worksheet with basic explanation and exercise

12. Dass or relative pronoun? Is your English “that” a German “dass” or a relative pronoun?

13. Ärger: worksheet about ways to express anger in German.

14. Redewendungen: worksheet based on Lessing’s “Rangstreit der Tiere.” Adding the correct German idiom.

15. Aktiv und Passiv: changing sentences in various tenses from active to passive and vice versa, with and without modals.





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  1. “Subjunctive: subjunctive forms and “würde” alternative used by famous people in quotations”

    Hello – are there answers available to this exercise? Thanks! Mark

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have studied German language up to fourth term at the Goethe Colombo Srilanka.I am so much interested in learning futher.unfourtunately i was financially down and could not continue it.please help me dear friends to learn more.
    May God bless you.Can you send me the me the needed meterials .

    1. Dear Silva,
      You are welcome to use any of the materials on this website for free for your own personal use. You can download and print out worksheets or do many exercises online. There are also links to other websites that have free materials as well. Good luck with your German studies.

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